Healthcare Team

Our Care Team are dedicated in helping you and your child feel comfortable from the moment you walk through our door. Our doctor and staff look forward to building a caring relationship with you and your family!


Dr. Adnan Qadeer

Dr. Qadeer is a fellow of the American Board of Pediatrics with over 15 years of experience in primary care pediatrics. He finished his medical degree in Lahore, Pakistan, and he completed his pediatric residency training in 2006 from UMKC Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri. Following his residency, Dr. Qadeer has been practicing general pediatrics in South Carolina since 2007, and he presently resides in Easley with his wife and two sons.

Currently, Dr. Qadeer is a an active member of American Academy of Pediatrics, SC Medical Association and SC Chapter of AAP. He is also participating in a pediatric patient care quality improvement project, “Qtip” in collaboration with DHHS & SC chapter of AAP.

As a pediatric doctor, Dr. Qadeer has cultivated a passion and special interest in pediatric asthma, behavior & development, pediatric obesity prevention (healthy lifestyle goals), pediatric gastroenterology, neurodevelopmental disability in pediatrics and Autism Spectrum Disorder. In addition to his medical accolades and experience, Dr. Qadeer actively participates in various public health causes including vaccine education and obesity prevention and education, Autism advocacy, and Quality improvement initiatives in pediatrics. His future goals include learning Applied behavioral analysis and utilizing this with various pediatric patients.

In his spare time, Dr. Qadeer enjoys spending time with his family. He is also an avid reader, big fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series, enjoys trivia & board games, and plays tennis. Dr. Qadeer has selected as his CFS Superhero, Dr. Strange. He made this selection, as he likes how Stephen Strange found a new power within himself after losing his surgical skills.


Marianne Jones
Physician Liason

Marianne has been a part of the CFS family since 2018 managing all billing and physician related services Her goal is to spend her working years doing something that will leave her corner of the world a little better than she found it, which she feels that she has been able to do at Carolina Family Services.

Marianne is a mother of 3 and soon-to-be-GiGi of 1 grandchild. Her hobbies are reading, listening to 90's Alt Rock (Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc.) and learning useless information/fun facts. She loves any place with a beach, and while she's not a sports fan, she will support Gamecocks just to irritate Clemson fans.

Her favorite quotes are "The world breaks everyone, and, afterwards, some are stronger in the broken places." by Ernest Hemingway, and "Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything-that's how the light gets in." by Leonard Cohen.

If she were a superhero, she would Merida from Brave, because she means well and her heart is in the right place, but seems to make a mess of everything.